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Learn Tekla Structures training in Erode

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5 days a week, full time (09:00 - 17:00)

6 weekends in the batch (Sat 10:00 - 18:00)

2 weeks of evening batch (Mon-Fri 18:30 - 21:30)


About Tekla Structures Training in Erode

  • Tekla Structures, the well-known inventive primary BIM (Building Information Modeling) innovation software, allows you to create, link, manage and share 3D models with substantial development data.

  • Tekla Structures may be used across the whole project, from structures and framework to manufacturing, development, and support, as well as planning and itemizing. Tekla Structures is familiar with the industry that drives plan programming and examination, and it facilitates collaboration with draughtsmen, consultants, and project employees.

  • Tekla Structures, a BIM invention, allows for the creation of more precise virtual models of a structure. Tekla maintains the building design throughout each stage, allowing for more in-depth study and control than manual cycles.

Tekla Structures Training in Erode Syllabus

Tekla Prologue

• Tekla Structures Outline

• Programming Demonstration



• Opening Tekla Structures

 • Opening a Model

• Lace

• Exploring in the Model

• Making Clip Planes

• Stowing away and Showing Parts

• Workspace

• Delivering Options

• Fundamental Measuring

• Making Screenshots

• Imagining Models


Setting up a New Project

• Adding and Modifying Project-Specific Data

• Creating and Modifying Grids

• Creating Views

• Using Snap Switches and Selection Switches


Duplicating Beams with Filters

• Demonstrating Steel Parts

• Demonstrating Columns

• Demonstrating Beams

• Demonstrating Intermediate Beams


Making and Modeling Rafters

• Changing the class of Columns

• Making Bracings

• Moving Objects

• Adding a Beam

• Demonstrating Rafters and Bracings


Base Plates on Display


Shaft to Beam web connections

• Estimating bolt dispersing and edge distances

• Shaft to Column web connections

• Two-sided Connections

• Hindquarters Connections

• Supporting Connections



• Recognizing Conflicts

• Model View Settings

• Resolving Conflicts


Changing a Components

• Characterizing a Custom Component

• Making a Connection - End Plate

• Making a Connection - Plate for Column

• Making a Connection - Welds

• Making a Connection - Bolts

• Characterizing a Connection

• Parametric Component Behaviour

• Tie Column to Plate

• Bringing in and Exporting Custom Components


Adding Stiffeners to the Web

Part cuts

 Adding and Modifying


Tekla's numbering system:

• Setting up the numbering system

• Numbering the Models

• Verifying the numbering results


Part Types

• Application and Components Catalogue

• Apply Components

• Auto Defaults


About System Reports

• Bolt List

• Material List

• Get-together List

• Part Phases

• Producing Reporting

Why Tekla Structures Course is important?

• Tekla can help you visualize even the most complicated projects.

• It aids fashion designers in reducing mistakes and establishing a reliable direction strategy.

• Using Tekla, effectively create development records from the model.

• Tekla Structures supports your project planning a collaboration with quantity assessors and job arranging engineers.

• Its rapid and accurate material measurement aids in the analysis and approval of sensitive information, cost estimation, and acquisition development.

Career for Tekla Structure Students:

• BIM Modeler

• Primary Detailer

• Configuration Engineer

• Steel Detailer

• Steel Fabricator

• BIM Innovative Specialist

• Rebar Engineer

• Steel Detailing Checker

• BIM Innovative Specialist

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